Needle Roller Bearings Manufacturers Serving Since Years

While the fundamental outline of a needle roller has not altered an extraordinary deal in the previous years, constant advancements have brought about new cage models that offer five times the service life and double the static stress rating of their genuine counterparts.


Most Indian manufacturers will already be acquainted with the specialized advantages offered by needle roller bearing- the capability to handle moderately heavy loads in a minimal configuration envelope. This specialized advantage has made the needle roller bearing the attractive choice of bearing in a wide variety of automotive and industrial power transmission applications throughout the years.

A needle roller bearing is a kind of bearing that utilizes little barrel or cylindrical shaped rollers. These rollers are being used for reducing the friction of a turning surface. Functions of caged needle roller bearings are:

  • Needle roller supports radial stress and rotational speeds
  • The cage controls and holds the rollers
  • Numerous row bearing outlines boost load or stress carrying limit.

General applications for these caged needle roller bearings are- automobile power transmission systems, gearboxes, 2 and 4 stroke engines, air compressors, etc. Regardless of which sort of the four primary kinds of a needle roller bearing is chosen for an application, manufacturers must consider an assortment of components before settling on their choices as soon during the design phase as possible- a type of load, size and design of envelope, load capacity, temperature, speed, housing, misalignment, shaft specifications, lubrication requirement, and service life.

Also, the quality of raw material should be in consideration while Needle Roller Manufacturers for industrial purposes. It is so because it’s the quality material that will determine the durability of the needle rollers and bearings. Premium needle roller bearings offered by leading Indian manufacturers will bear more loads and boost load capacity. 

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